Projecting great learning |

Projecting great learning

Dear Editor:I would like to thank the Aspen Education Foundation for making it possible for us to get the new technology (ELMO opaque projector) by funding our grant request. I have already found many uses in my classroom for it, and I’m sure it will be embraced by other staff members as they get a chance to use it.One example of its use is when students are writing a paper. At any time I can pick up a paper from a student and project it onto a screen, allowing the whole class to learn the lesson. In the past I would have to read whatever was written on the paper and hope the students understood the problem/lesson. As it’s said, a picture is worth a thousand words – and even if the “picture” is actually writing, being able to see it often makes all the difference in the world.I foresee the new technology being applied in science, social studies, math, art and any other classes that do projects. Thanks again to Aspen Education Foundation for making this possible at the Aspen Middle School.Peter WestcottFifth-grade teacherAspen Middle School