Project must ‘Paas’ |

Project must ‘Paas’

Dear Editor: When City Council gave their approval for the Limelight project to go ahead at conceptual, they had several things they wanted to see the developers address before final. It seems to me that the developers addressed all of these concerns and then some.Now council wants to add more. From what I have heard at the meetings, the biggest complaint of the residents at 210 E. Cooper is the height of the free-market units across the street to the south. I believe that these people (who for the most part, seem to be very reasonable) should think back to when the condominium complex that they now live in was first built. I would bet that at that time someone did not like the fact that it was obstructing their view of Aspen Mountain. But in the name of progress it was built, and these lucky people now have their nice little piece of paradise.There was one woman who said she thought this project looked as if it belonged in Vail. If you really believe this, you would also have to say that the Jerome and the Wheeler are out of place here in Aspen as well.If we are going to continue to be a top-notch resort community we need this project to go forward. The Paas and Woolery families are wonderful people. They are honest, hardworking families who have added tremendous character and personality to this community for many, many years.Please do the right thing for this town and community and pass this project through at final on Feb. 6. We cannot afford to lose the Limelight and the people that currently own and operate it. Ron ChristianAspen