Profits still rule |

Profits still rule

Dear Editor:How much does anyone know about the relationship between town management and the Intrawest Corp. in Snowmass Village? Can we see behind the closed doors, and the sweet deals promised for a base project? Instead of being marketed to by both sides, in newsprint and our mailboxes, let us think for ourselves as members of the community.Apparently, the town manager has built a very cozy relationship with the developer and is fully backed by Skico to get things approved as quickly as possible. The community has been forced to accept whatever garbage gets submitted as a good project, as a result.Base Village is an obvious gross misrepresentation of what is needed in the Snowmass Village community. Unfortunately, profits still rule on the hill. Skico tells the town what it needs to be “successful,” and Intrawest is like a kid in a candy store.Town Manager Mike Segrest really does think marketing is the answer, though. He has recently decided to bring in a new marketing agent to help with the big Base Village push. The Skico and Intrawest will pat him on the back. Does anyone ask where the staff might be better used – perhaps for the town planner job that’s been vacant for over a year? Has this community forgotten about Ms. Poissant, fired by Segrest for speaking out against Base Village? Her position is simply still at large.We have become targets of a strong marketing campaign in our community, and the only way to get the true picture of what Base Village is all about is to examine the intentions of those who will profit most from it. They are on the council in our community, and they are out there voicing their opinions as supporters of the project.Intrawest has town management drooling over its faulty promises and huge buildings, while members of the community wait and wonder what will become of Fanny Hill concerts and traffic flow on Brush Creek Road.Get ready, Snowmass Village! Years of construction, 120-foot buildings, transportation disasters and all your tax dollars hard at work – to make Skico and Intrawest much, much richer. Gobble up the marketing, because that’s what they assume it will take for Base Village to earn community support. Become a victim. Our community has already been victimized by those who were hired to make it better.Pat VigilSnowmass Village

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