Profit and greed led to abuse |

Profit and greed led to abuse

Dear Editor:

I cannot be at the Snowmass Council meeting on Sept. 8 because of the meeting time. I work in Glenwood Springs and cannot take off in the mid-afternoon. I would suggest that if the council scheduled time for this issue in the evening, there would be a dramatic increase in attendance. I am grateful that others will speak for me regarding the Krabloonik issue and send my thanks to Seth Sackson who has made a real difference in these past couple of years to these dogs.

First to those who use the “athlete” excuse ” shame on you. Find the true athlete who lives in the debilitating circumstances of these unfortunate animals. Of course, they do not have the opportunity to choose, but if they could, they would not choose the lives they live. Every living being ” including these for-profit victims ” deserves appropriate shelter, temperature comfort, nutritious food, clean water and a caring touch. Athletes pride themselves on self care, good nutrition, staying in shape. These unfortunate dogs get none of this. Spare me this irrational excuse. No one who cares about the welfare of living things and animals is stupid.

Nor will I accept the “don’t like it, don’t go” rhetoric. I don’t like a lot of the things going on in the world. Perhaps I don’t go, or cannot go. That does not suspend my personal responsibility to get involved as I can to make the world a better place. Closing my eyes and denying that there are horrible things going on in the world ” thus doing nothing ” is not simply a low path, it is no path at all for any human spirit worthy of that description.

I was horrified to read Seth’s quote ” that the dogs “usually require several months to stand comfortably upright” and often cannot walk a straight line. This is outrageous. I agree with the various writers including Katie Ingham saying Michael Vick was jailed for similar illegal behavior. I did not know that Snowmass Village leases the land for this abominable operation for $200 in the world of billionaire land sales. This action alone makes them complicit in tactically allowing these abuses.

This must stop. There is no reason for this other than profit and greed. The operation must be scaled back to a level where there is no abuse of these animals ” and if abuse continues then, the operation must be closed.

Dog sledding is OK, reasonable profit is OK, partnerships between government and business are OK. Abuse in any form that threatens the well being of humans or animals and that compromises our best values is not OK.

Surely as individuals and as a community, we are better than this.

Cheryl Cain

Glenwood Springs

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