Productive times at Aspen Youth Center |

Productive times at Aspen Youth Center

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank all the donors who support the Aspen Youth Center. Last week was the first full week of the 2012 Aspen Youth Center Summer Program, and it was awesome!

Here’s a quick summary:

• We had 461 visits in our first week, which is an average of 92 kids per day!

• We offered our kids 22 clubs – including Creative Cooking, Mad Science, Sew What?!, Trivia Challenge, Crafternoons, Girl Power, yoga, sports and more!

• Twelve game-room tournaments.

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• Spaghetti lunch for 55 youth on Friday.

• A Community Crusaders trip to volunteer in the ACES Garden – 12 kids attended.

And an uncountable number of teachable moments where Aspen Youth Center staff members coached kids in important life lessons, like being a good sport, helping out, handling emotions, forgiveness, responsibility and many more.

We couldn’t keep the Aspen Youth Center’s doors open without the help and support of many in our community and beyond. To our donors, we hope you truly understand the impact your donation makes at the Aspen Youth Center. Your gift is helping a significant number of kids each day!

Keith Berglund and Sarah Visnic

Co-directors, Aspen Youth Center

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