Productive, healthy fun |

Productive, healthy fun

Dear Editor:

As the weather finally starts to warm up and dry out, we’ve noticed students and community members of Basalt taking advantage of the higher temperatures in a really positive way.

Inspired by bike commuter and Basalt Middle School teacher Jen Kauffman and further supported by Basalt Police Officer Michael Hutton, a group of motivated middle-school students have been biking to school, some all the way from El Jebel, using the amazing network of bike paths our valley now offers.

We were impressed not only by the students’ eagerness to get up a little earlier and ride, but also by Officer Hutton’s generosity. He met up with them in El Jebel and made sure they were safe, even providing some extra equipment.

But what really blew us away was that in addition, he even bought them breakfast treats at Midland Bakery. It made us happy to see them all having fun together in a healthy and environmentally responsible way!

Mary and Jane Douglass


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