Pro-fluoride an antiquated position |

Pro-fluoride an antiquated position

Dear Editor:

Once again the fluoride controversy has surfaced into our view in Aspen. I have studied this subject for 30 years and am convinced it is minimally effective and a very noxious toxic waste to be put into our water supply. It is truly enforced mass medication, without consent, for a non-contagious problem.

Having debated with local dentists in front of City Council for the third time last week, it occurred to me that in order to convince people that the anti-fluoride position was correct, a major point had been missed. In these local debates, the dentists have always held the trump card that won out and convinced voters to keep fluoridating the water. That card was the argument that the American Dental Society, American Medical Society, the Centers for Disease Control and other federal and state governmental agencies all support the use of fluoride.

For the average person, who is not a scientist and does not have the interest or background to study the subject and its arguments in depth, this seemed to be the point on which most voters “hung their hat.” My main point in writing this letter is to let people know that most of the major developed countries of the world do not fluoridate their water supplies. This list includes: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain (except for a few test towns), Sweden, Germany and others. These countries all have dental societies, medical societies, departments of public health and various other governmental agencies that study public health issues. Many of them have a socialistic bent, which would incline them toward public health preventative programs, yet they don’t fluoridate. After 11 years of testing, Sweden’s Nobel Medical Institute rejected fluoridation and the process was banned. The Netherlands outlawed it in 1976 after 23 years of testing. Germany (then West Germany) rejected fluoride because the recommended dosage of one ppm was “too close to the dose at which long-term damage to the human body is to be expected.”

Dentists are now coming under a lot of fire for defending the 100-year-plus practice of putting mercury fillings into people’s teeth and telling them it was safe; in addition to literally shoving fluoride down the throats of the American public. It’s hard to admit you’re wrong after years of supporting a position dictated to you by the professional society you associate yourself with. The pro-fluoride people who make up the U.S. dental, medical, and public health agencies are desperately hanging on to the antiquated 60-year-old pro-fluoride position so they don’t have to be publicly humiliated in their own lifetime.

Intelligent, dedicated and honest dentists, doctors and scientists in many sophisticated countries have rejected fluoridation of the water supplies. It’s time to have a hard look at their reasoning, think for ourselves and reject the process here.

Rob Krakovitz, M.D.


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