Pro-Base2 group is first official issue committee for November election in Aspen |

Pro-Base2 group is first official issue committee for November election in Aspen

Erica Robbie
The Aspen Times

The city of Aspen registered its first official issue committee for the November election this week.

On Monday, the pro-Base2 group Citizens for Aspen Alive filed an issue committee with the city clerk.

The paperwork for issue committees — which is any person or group of two or more persons that has a major purpose of supporting or opposing any ballot issue or question — can be found on the city clerk’s website.

City Clerk Linda Manning said that a registered agent, treasurer, or representative of the committee must bring it to the Clerk’s Office.

The committee also must register within 10 calendar days of accepting contributions or making expenditures in excess of $200 to support or oppose any ballot issue or question, Manning added.

Gordon Bronson, who filed the issue committee for Citizens for Aspen Alive, argued that Aspen needs more affordable lodging.

Bronson said he is proud to support the Base2 project because he believes that as a community, “Aspen will thrive when we have a diversity of opportunities for people to stay and experience Aspen.”

Bronson, who grew up in Aspen, said he remembers a time when Aspen had more affordable lodging — such as the former Ed’s Beds and the Heather Bed Lodge near the base of Aspen Highlands.

“I can say from personal experience that it’s harder for people to come Aspen. I’ve had friends stay in my little condo, stacked six to a couch, because they want to come visit, but it’s hard with no affordable lodging,” Branson said. “I think this project will go a long way towards helping solve that problem.”

While there are no deadlines to submit issue committees, issue committees have deadlines to report contributions once they are an established committee, Manning said, adding that she expects to receive another issue committee soon for the Armory ballot question.