Privileged experience |

Privileged experience

Dear Editor:

Let me wish Zegna a happy 100th anniversary!

Perhaps, Emenegildo Zegna-Aspen may be blessed with the magnificent privilege to temporarily add to its window museum designer display to bring historical high-fashion culture to Aspen for:

“September marked a century of craftsmanship, style and innovation for men’s clothier Emenegildo Zegna.

To celebrate, the occasion was marked by a Centennial Exhibition at its Rodeo Drive store hosted by Zegna Image Director Anna Zegna and actor Ted Danson. The exhibition showcased pieces that were formerly at the Tiennale Design Museum in Milan. Danson represented Oceana, an organization to protect marine habitats.” (The Beverly Hills Courier, page 10, Sept. 24)

The rising crescendo of the “8.16.11 Day” celebration notion can accept the heralding by Zegna’s Aspen museum clothing display. Has Aspen had such a privileged experience before?

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It’s great to know that Rodeo Drive-oriented high-end fashion corporations take the initiative to advance culture.

I get that’s why Emenegildo Zegna-Aspen and Fendi-Aspen managers immediately favor the “8.16.11 Day” celebration for Aspen. The forward-looking always stand out.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.


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