Pristine area jeopardized by gravel operation |

Pristine area jeopardized by gravel operation

Dear Editor:

I live on County Road 103 outside of Carbondale. There has been an approval of expansion of the WSA gravel operation recently, which will have a large impact in the area. LaFarge is now seeking approval for a new pit and asphalt plant on the same mesa.

I will not go into all of the details of how this impacts this beautiful area and the surrounding land values, etc., etc. I do want to encourage you to attend the Garfield County commissioners meeting at 1 p.m. on June 13.

Signs have been put along the road that are virtually non-visible unless you are really looking for them. This letter is to alert anyone who has not seen those signs or is not aware of this potential expansion to the fact that the meeting is this coming Monday at 1 p.m. in Glenwood.

Susan Gibbs