Printing letter was irresponsible |

Printing letter was irresponsible

Dear Editor:

How do you reconcile your standards of “letters considered libelous, obscene or in bad taste will not be printed” with the personal and vicious rant against Melanie Sturm in this issue:

sturmliar? Does that mean that anyone who disagrees with anyone else in this valley can attack them publicly in The Aspen Times and get away with it? I find nothing wrong with informed discussions and disagreements between different ideologies; however, when it stoops to name-calling and personal attacks, it loses all credibility, and if you value journalistic integrity at all, why on earth would you endorse that? Isn’t accusing someone of “lying” based on no substantiated facts and upon erroneous conclusions by definition “libelous”? I’m wondering exactly where you draw the line.

Bobbie Brazzell


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