Princess ups the bar |

Princess ups the bar

Dear Editor:I am writing this letter while wearing four hats (OK, fine – and a pink boa): as the executive director of the Aspen Writers’ Foundation, as a co-chair of the Aspen Ride for the Cure, as a professional fund raiser, and as a friend of local columnist “The Princess” Alison Berkley.I knew a few things about Ali before she threw the bash of the year. I knew that Ali had a way of capturing a woman’s world with a quick one-two punch to the brain. Looking forward to having your face peeled and scrubbed with acid over the weekend? Then don’t read Ali’s column before you go because she’ll give you a brutally honest, agonizing facial tour before you can say butylated hydroxytoluene. Whether you agree or disagree with her perspective, admit it – she’s made you laugh more than a couple of times.I knew that Ali needed a break from analyzing boys and shoes (she’s chewed some ears off over far too many dinners), that she is a good writer with a big following, and has some terrific resources and contacts. When I learned that she was being recruited to join the Ride for the Cure, I encouraged her to do it. She took the bait. Then she wrote about how she was joining the ranks of the soccer moms with too much time on their hands and – gasp – volunteering. So we all laughed and dumped a bunch of work on her. Ha, ha.Well, it turns out the joke is on us. Ali embraced the Ride, which complements the Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure and one-upped it. We now have a fashion show and a smashingly fun party to add to the Komen Aspen Affiliate’s growing repertoire.Ali used her skills as a writer with a wide reach to target the audience we had been missing. She got the attention of the young girls who need to know the facts about breast cancer. She wrote about her friend’s experience with the disease and made a whole slew of us blubber and cry and send the column to our mothers and sisters and friends. With the talented and fun team at Aspen Peak, Ali snapped her fingers and the town was at her command. How does one plan something in less than two months and get a $500,000 necklace flown in on the day of a party? Forget about the princess stuff; Ali is a fund-raising goddess.Alison did a great job of thanking everyone who helped pull it off in a recent column – now it’s our turn to thank Ali. On behalf of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Aspen Affiliate, those who have had breast cancer, and those who hope to God that they never have it, thank you for raising awareness, raising funds and raising the bar. Thank you for putting the power of the written word, the power of money and the power of pink to excellent use. Lisa Consiglioexecutive directorAspen Writers’ Foundation

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