Primary voting 101 |

Primary voting 101

Dear Editor:

Due to the fact that there are a number of ways to vote in this primary election, we are getting a number of questions that I hope this letter will answer.

First, every registered Pitkin County voter can vote by mail-in ballot (if you requested one); on Election Day, Aug. 10, at your precinct; or in early voting at the county clerk’s office. Early voting started Monday and ends today at 4:30. Personally, I find that early voting at the clerk’s office is the easiest and most convenient way to vote, but whatever works best for you. Just be sure to vote!

Each registered voter can vote for any county-level candidate. Any unaffiliated voter can change their affiliation to one of three parties on the day they vote: Democratic, Republican or Libertarian, and then vote using that party’s ballot. All the ballots are the same for county commissioner and sheriff (county-level candidates) but are different for the primary contested Senate seat (Bennet/Romanoff for Democrats) and the primary uncontested congressional seat (Salazar). The candidates are different for the Republican and Libertarian ballots.

Each voter can vote during early voting even if they have received a mail-in ballot, if they wish, and the mail-in ballot will be canceled when the voter votes in person. Some of the door-to-door campaign literature may include illustrative ballots; however, one needs to use the official ballot.

The only ways to have your vote counted are to use the official mail-in ballot, early voting and Election Day voting at your precinct.

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If you are a registered Democrat and would like to participate in the election as an election judge or pole watcher, please call me at 544-0745. Participating in early voting or on Election Day is interesting and upbeat. It is as close to the grassroots democratic process as it gets. In the case of the Pitkin County Clerk’s Office, because of the dedication of Janice and her team’s dedication to ensuring that every vote is accurately counted, it is actually an experience that makes one feel optimistic. If you are a registered Republican and want to participate as an election judge, you can contact the Republican chair, Frieda Wallison.

Camilla Auger

chair, Pitkin County Democratic Party

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