Primary election is important |

Primary election is important

Dear Editor:The primary election is just days away and the results will determine the candidates who will move on to November’s ballot. As I mentioned in a letter written about a month ago, (Letters to the Editor, June 29) fewer than 10 percent of Eagle County’s registered voters have participated in this critical juncture of the electoral process in past years. I know that it is partisan politics and that many of you don’t want to get on any one party’s list. But unless you participate and make your voice heard by voting, you might just as easily end up with someone else’s candidate winning this election instead of your candidate of choice.Voters who are already registered as a Democrat or an Republican can only vote for their particular party in this election. Voters who are registered as Unaffiliated still have the choice of affiliating with either party on Election Day or by voting early. Details of your voter registration record, polling locations, early voting sites and the new voting equipment can all be found online at or by calling (970)-328-8715.I am urging you to take part in the August 8 primary election. Step up to the plate, exercise your right to vote and be an active contributor to the future of Eagle County. It is one day, one vote, and it can make one big difference.Sara FisherDemocratic candidate for Eagle County CommissionerGypsum

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