Preserve this piece of Aspen |

Preserve this piece of Aspen

John "J.R." Ristine

Dear Editor:The feature article of the July 15 Aspen Times Weekly (“The Resurrection of Ajax’s West Side”) created more dismay than gladness for land development on South Aspen Street. Once again developers are allowed too much reign over Aspen’s amenities. Let’s do it right.The city should not permit the roots of old Lift 1 to be disturbed. Enough has been done to rip out the soul of Aspen that was introduced to the Philadelphia Ristines by the Peirce family in the 1960s. We need the tranquility of the old lift and historic Willoughby Park that includes the volleyball court, picnic table, and old-growth trees on the west side of Aspen Mountain used by The Bobs, a 30-year-old volleyball club.Leave old Lift 1 intact and develop the existing building as the museum. Allow developers to replace the Holland House and the Skiers Chalet where they stand. Moving the old lift and developing the open space at Willoughby Park is not the way to make people happy about their town and its skiing history.John “J.R.” RistineEmma

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