Preserve Paradise views |

Preserve Paradise views

Dear Editor:

Why was the Paradise Bakery corner just recently voted as one of Aspen’s most favorite gathering places? For generations, no matter what time of day or night, winter or summer, people are always gathering in the court yard to meet, mingle and enjoy the open space, the blue skies, the warm sunshine and the majestic mountain views.

Building heights along both malls and Galena and Cooper streets are within the same scale and character that past generations have painstakingly preserved for us so we can enjoy the natural beauty Aspen is known for today. New development is supposed to be consistent with the existing character and scale of the neighborhood, which on this corner, is predominantly two-story (28-foot) historical buildings.

On May 27 the developers of the Bert Bidwell building ” aka Kemo Sabe ” are asking Aspen City Council to change the character and scale of one of Aspen’s most favorite gathering places. The developers are asking for approval to demolish the existing courtyard and two-story building to replace it with a no-open-space, lot-line-to-line, three-story (41-foot) big-box building. The public hearing will start in the former youth center, upstairs (Rio Grande Place meeting room) around 5:30 p.m., as this request is first on the agenda.

This Memorial Day weekend look for us at the Paradise Bakery corner to check out the illustrations of the proposed building and fill out the survey/petition asking if you think Aspen City Council should approve or deny this application.

Toni Kronberg



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