Preserve our open space |

Preserve our open space

I urge every voter in Eagle County to vote yes on 1H to preserve open space in this county.

Property values have gone up far more than $14 per $100,00 of valuation every year for the past 10 years. This is an opportunity for us to invest a small amount to preserve what makes Eagle County such a special place to live, work and invest in.

While we have a great deal of public land within the county, very little of it is located along the valley floors or along our four major rivers ? the Colorado, Eagle, Roaring Fork and Fryingpan.

This will help protect some of the critical lands that we now enjoy along our river and transportation corridors. If you do not own property you get to help preserve open space and have the people who benefit from real estate appreciation pay for it.

Tom Stone says he would rather work with developers to provide open space. This attitude ignores the opportunity to work with ranchers and other landholders that would like to preserve their land without having to sell to developers.

It also ignores the fact that we currently have no dedicated source of funding for open space or critical habitat when applying for matching grants from GOCO and other sources. When agencies and charitable institutions see no local public source of funding they tend to favor applications from areas whose citizens have taken it upon themselves to preserve open spaces and critical habitats.

The towns of Vail and Basalt decided they could not wait for Eagle County to preserve some of their open space. This initiative does not punish them for their leadership in this area. If they feel this initiative covers their needs they can quickly rededicate or eliminate their lands.

Voting yes on 1H is a vote for your own and your children’s quality of life, wildlife, scenery and recreation in Eagle County.

Dick Brooks


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