Pres. Clinton, VP Obama |

Pres. Clinton, VP Obama

Dear Editor:

I am looking forward to today’s caucus in which my candidate of choice will be Sen. Clinton. I hope that if she is the Democratic candidate, Clinton will ask Sen. Obama to be her running mate and that he will accept. They would make a dream team of a ticket with her comprehensive grasp of issues, his charisma; her methodical ability to set goals and achieve them, his ability to inspire; her politician’s skill at pragmatic compromise, his communitarian’s talent for creating consensus.

The current adulation of Obama, this fanciful evocation of a Camelot that was illusionary even in its time, is not going to be sustainable. John Kennedy never could have been elected president today when his health, womanizing and the machinations of his father to get him elected would provide a feast for pundits and bloggers. We will never know if the dashing, telegenic JFK would have succeeded in maneuvering congressional passage of civil rights legislation, Medicare and Medicaid, as did the wily politician Lyndon Johnson, just as we will never know whether Kennedy, the ultimate Cold War warrior, could have eluded the Vietnam quagmire that destroyed his successor. Fuzzily posited historical parallels and wistful yearnings for “change” won’t count for anything in the face of contemporary realities.

Any Democratic president inaugurated next January will be beset from the outset by the same forces that were out to destroy the Bill Clinton presidency from its inception, which almost succeeded in truncating its second term, which probably stole the election from Gore, and swiftboated Kerry. A President Hillary Clinton, tough and expedient through experience with a concerted and relentless intention to undermine a presidency, would know how to avoid the pitfalls. A Vice President Barack Obama could use his conciliatory charm to mend relations abroad and promote universal health care at home, meanwhile learning his way around the corridors of power before 2016.

Judith King

Glenwood Springs

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