Prepare to rock the vote |

Prepare to rock the vote

Dear Editor:In the 2004 elections, we succeeded in tripling the youth vote in Colorado which the rest of the nation is now looking to as a model for the 2008 election. We are ready to “Rock the Vote” again for the upcoming 2006 election on Tuesday, Nov. 7. “Rock the Vote” is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and empowering young people to change their world.” To do so, we need your support ASAP: Donate: Please send a tax deductible contribution check made out to: “Rock the Vote” to FOB 3265, Aspen, CO 81612; to cover the cost of supplies, photocopying, postage, event fees, transportation, T-shirts, entertainment, refreshments, etc. Anonymous donations may be made to the “Rock the Vote” account at Alpine Bank. Volunteer: Please contact Tricia McKenzie at: 618-5475 cell or athomefree@msn. to volunteer. There are no age restrictions; however, we do encourage young people, even under the age of 18 to become active in their communities, citizenship, politics and in the issues they care about. Get informed: Please check out our website: and get informed on the issues mat concern you, your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Studies have shown that many, if not most, voters rely on the research, opinions and voting recommendations of those who are close and credible in their lives. Register to vote: Please register to vote and get everyone you know who is eligible to vote to register by the Oct. 10 deadline. “Rock the Vote” will have booths, tables and volunteers with clipboards throughout the community and at western slope college campuses to register voters for anywhere in the state, as well as, online registration. You may also register at your local county clerk and recorder’s office during regular weekday business hours. Get out the vote: Please choose and commit to follow up with at least two people, besides yourself, to do whatever is necessary to get them to mail in their ballot, vote early, or get them to the polls on Election Day. Rock the vote: Please mark your calendars, refrigerators, foreheads or whatever it takes to remind yourself to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 7!”Keep on rockn’ in the free world…”Tricia McKenzieRock the Vote OrganizerAspen