Predatory behavior in the species |

Predatory behavior in the species

Dear Editor:

In response to John Gates’ tongue-in-cheek letter of March 13 regarding cougars with manicured nails shopping in his store: I’d like to ask why he’s discriminating specifically against cougars (well groomed or not) and not including the predominant and flamboyant male cheetahs (older men dating girls half their age ” well groomed or not) abounding in Aspen. Talk about aggressive and predatory behavior! Is Mr. Gate’s observation predicated on the differences between the credit card balances of each critter?

Based on my 29 years of observing the cheetah species in Aspen, I don’t believe there is ever an end to its stalking season. Many thanks to Mr. Gates for engendering so much laughter and so many ribald comments among visitors and residents alike.

Jo-Anne O’Hare

San Francisco