Precious enough to protect |

Precious enough to protect

Dear Editor:

Some places are too special to develop and should be protected for us and for future generations. Residential expansion and related infrastructure, road building, industrial development and related activities … all diminish the availability of our wild lands. Our wild areas need permanent protection.

Almost all we do and enjoy has a price for admission. Not so our protected wild lands and special places. Our protected public lands and our private lands with conservation easements protect these values.

Only our lawmakers can act to save our nation’s wild lands, our wildlife, migratory routes and wildlife habitat, our watersheds, our places of refuge, our environmental quality … the quality of life we value in the West and in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Several proposed actions in our region support the protection of wild places and wildlife. Please support the efforts of the Thompson Divide Coalition, the Hidden Gems Wilderness proposal, and the Sutey/BLM land exchange project to protect our special places from future development.

Support those who support the protection of our special places.

Dorothea Farris


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