Pre-election thanks |

Pre-election thanks

As we wind down toward Election Day, it seems appropriate to acknowledge all of the people who have worked tirelessly on this year’s issues.

Although we won’t know the results of the election for a few more days, one thing is already crystal clear. Our town is blessed with interesting, concerned, passionate citizens who have dedicated themselves to their respective causes.

Even when they disagree with us, we are lucky to have them as friends and neighbors. Prospectively, I would like to offer my admiration and congratulations to the winners.

If you lean closer for a moment, I will whisper a little secret in your ear. We are all very fortunate to live in this wonderful little hamlet.

No matter the ultimate shape of our entrance, or the presence of trolleys, or the amount of our taxes, we will still live in the most vibrant, exciting, beautiful little ski-town on earth.

Jerald A. Bovino

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