Pray for him |

Pray for him

Dear Editor:Roman Catholics who politicize the church’s absolutist morality invite well-deserved criticism of the church itself – a church that buys silence for the sins of its clergy, a church historically responsible for countless murders and for politically motivated cover-ups.Father O’Brien chooses to join ranks with a fundamentalist army who willfully divides us against each other. He dons simplistic moral armor and lusts after greater power for the wealthiest, most powerful church on Earth. You’re an educated person. Is science guided by the devil? Is this the moment to fall from the grace of reason into the crushing ignorance of medieval dogma?Belief is the soul’s ally, but reason informs belief. I’d say Father O’Brien needs divine forgiveness for the dark pall of fundamentalism he casts over the reasonable parishioners of Aspen. Pray for him.Dan SadowskyAspen

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