Praising Ullr |

Praising Ullr

May Eynon

Snow reports from opening weekend indicated Aspen was one of the most saturated sections of the state. Next to Crested Butte, our ski town was pelted with more powder than any other resort – including Vail.

Before passing it off as a storm that just happened to roll through the valley, perhaps one should give credit where credit is due. Thanks to the return of an annual bash known as “Pray 4 Snow,” it would appear that several dozen revelers are partially responsible for the beloved bounty.According to lore, the renowned party was created years ago when locals chose to adorn retro ski threads and sacrifice gear in a bonfire for Ullr, the Nordic snow god. Last weekend, the supplicants of snow revived one of Aspen’s greatest seasonal rites, offering praise and trinkets to Ullr as they partied in the name of the winter season.

“Our commitment to partying clearly appeased the snow gods,” said host Felipe Anillo, who spent the next few days schussing on the slopes in his race suit. “I am proud to have been a part of this production.”To contact May to send info, insight or invites, e-mail