Praise for Valley View |

Praise for Valley View

Dear Editor:

Does everyone know what a wonderful facility we have in our valley? Valley View Hospital. Few people know how great it is!

We had no idea until we had our own emergency Sept. 19. While hiking the road up to the cross in Glenwood Springs, my husband experienced what turned out to be a major heart attack. We were only minutes from the top when this occurred. After calling 911 the emergency team responded immediately and transported us to Valley View.

While en route, the cardiac team was assembled at the hospital and provided unbelievable emergency medical care in the new cath lab. After living here for years, we never expected that this type of emergency could be treated right here. Everyone from the ambulance crew, the cardiac team, the critical-care nurses, all the doctors and other support staff were just fantastic! Every small detail was amazing.

We now know that Valley View is a Planetree facility (only 11 in the United States). We are so lucky to have this here in our valley.

My husband is fine, thanks to Valley View for their experience and dedication.

Karen Kraft


P.S. The food is awesome in the cafeteria. Give it a try!

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