Praise for emergency responders |

Praise for emergency responders

Dear Editor:

After nearly 30 years at the Old Snowmass Conoco, my worst fears came true Tuesday as my daughter was coming down valley. She went off the road near our shop and somehow avoided rolling her car and causing serious injury.

I’ve witnessed many tragic accidents on this highway over the years (some fatal) and always dreaded the thought of my family driving on this road. On a clear, dry day, after being distracted for only a few seconds she simply went off the road! It was a very intense 20 minutes or so as the police, fire department and emergency personnel tried to locate the car.

I want to thank all of those people for their dedication and help. We often take for granted the quick response and professionalism of these folks and we would like all of them to know how much we appreciate their service to our community.

Tony Brevetti


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