Praise and thanks for DOW |

Praise and thanks for DOW

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Pitkin County Public Safety Council, we wish to convey our appreciation to all of the Colorado Division of Wildlife staff involved in the extraordinary efforts during the 2009 bear season. Public safety agencies throughout Pitkin County value your proactive approach, sincere concern for community safety, and dedication to problem solving for a better future.

Our community extends their gratitude for District 462 Wildlife Manager Kevin Wright’s constant dedication and compassion through working long hours, including many weekends and nights; for Area 8 Manager Perry Will’s foresight for elevating this problem to a regional level and coming to Aspen to experience our problem first-hand; and for you, Ron, for coordinating DOW assistance on a statewide level and having the vision to plan for the coming seasons.

We share your hope that the coming bear seasons will be less stressful for all involved, and we extend our support in making positive changes to reduce Pitkin County’s bear issues. Please accept our appreciation for all you do.

Richard Pryor, Aspen police chief

Bob Braudis, Pitkin County sheriff

Tom Grady, acting chair, Public Safety Council

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