Practice what you preach |

Practice what you preach

Dear Editor:In response to your article concerning the sermon given by the Rev. Michael O’Brien of St. Mary Church (Tuesday’s Aspen Times), first off let me say, I am sure his intention is pure, but doesn’t the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” also apply to war? What about the hundreds of dead in Iraq? Jesus is known as the peacemaker, and his advice was to turn the other cheek. Given the separation of church and state, it is not the government’s job to legislate morals. You must choose your own path.But what about the invasion of Iraq? Iraq didn’t bomb the World Trade Center. I feel far less safe today than I did on Sept. 12, 2001. Our government promotes this fear so we will turn our heads the other way, because the war is really about controlling oil reserves and putting cash in the pockets of the few. It’s not for the good of the many. Practice what you preach. Are you listening?Barb ForrestEl Jebel

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