Practice what you preach |

Practice what you preach

Dear Editor:I, like hundreds of others, was entertained by Bob Schieffer, the long time print and TV journalist. However, the issues he deplores: The nastiness of the political dialog and the trend to infotainment in reporting, is just what he practices (not the nasty part). He stated with great certainty that 90, perhaps 98 percent of journalists only wish to find out what really happens. Perhaps, but I don’t see the evidence.We can forgive Bill or Hillary for dancing around the Iraq war issue. I can quote him accurately: “Strong and wrong, beats weak and right.” But journalists?Was Paul O’Neill lying in his book when he sensed in the first cabinet meeting that the decision to take out Saddam had already been made? What about all the smoking guns indicating that the critical intelligence regarding WMDs was cooked? How many times did Cheney visit the CIA to beat up on the poor analysts? Why was it so important to discredit Wilson? He was an accomplished diplomat who had been stationed in African countries for many years, had the language skills and the background to be considered highly qualified for this mission.Questioned about the war, Bob’s answer: “The intelligence was wrong” (so what). Next question. Like telling the judge in traffic court: “Your honor, the light was green.” I expected better.Stefan EdlisAspen

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