Practice safe barbecuing |

Practice safe barbecuing

Dear Editor:To help residents of the city of Aspen enjoy a safe and healthy summer season, the City of Aspen Environmental Health Department is giving away a limited quantity of food temperature thermometers at our office in City Hall. The thermometers come with a card that lists the proper cooking temperatures for different meats and staff will be available to explain proper use.A food thermometer is the only sure way to check that foods have been cooked to a high enough temperature to destroy any potentially harmful bacteria. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are an estimated 76 million cases of food borne illness in the U.S. each year resulting in 300,000 hospitalizations and around 5,000 deaths. A large portion of these cases come from meals prepared in the home and the summer season often sees a peak in cases related to undercooked foods. Come by and pick up one of these free thermometers while they last and help ensure you have a safe and healthy summer barbecue season and rest of the year too!CJ OliverSenior environmental health specialistAspen Environmental Health Department

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