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Power Plant Road open, with one restriction

Dear Editor:

There have been several letters to the editor about Aspen City Council’s decision to “close down” Power Plant Road. Many of the letters have contained inaccurate information, starting with the assertion that the road is closed to travelers.

Power Plant Road is open. What has been limited this summer by City Council is left turns onto Cemetery Lane from Power Plant Road from 3 to 6 p.m.

Power Plant remains open to those who wish to exit town and travel downvalley via McClain Flats. What the restriction does is inhibit drivers from cutting in front of other vehicles on Highway 82.

The decision to restrict this “cutting-in-line” phenomenon is an experiment. Council is looking to see if it keeps traffic moving better on Highway 82 (without all those cars coming onto 82 from the Cemetery Lane intersection) and if it reduces traffic through the adjacent neighborhood. At the end of the summer, the city will review the results and see what worked/what didn’t.

In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on the matter with staff and Aspen City Council at stayonmain@ci.aspen.co.us. Also, please note that certain construction projects this summer may result in one-way traffic and delays on Power Plant Road for short periods of time.

Sally Spaulding

community relations director, city of Aspen

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