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Power from the barrel of a gun

Dear Editor:Sue Gray advocates “diplomacy” instead of military occupation and liberation. Who, exactly, is she going to deal with? Iran? Syria? Yemen? The Gulf states? Sudan? Somalia? Palestine? Who, in any of these countries, has enough political power to change a single thing in any of those countries? The U.N. cannot do or say anything that will persuade or dissuade any of the countries mentioned to change a single policy of support of Islamic terror. Bill Clinton busted his a for eight years trying diplomacy in those areas and got nothing. And, while ol’ Bill had his shortcomings, he wasn’t too bad as a diplomat. But he got nothing. Several presidents before him tried the same, and now the Dems want to try it again. The basic problem is that THERE’S NOBODY THERE TO DEAL WITH! In that area of the world, POWER COMES FROM THE BARREL OF A GUN and to many it cannot be just the threat of a gun, but the actual use of it. Nothing less is understood.In Iraq, who, besides the present elected government, would anyone talk to? Al-Sadr? Don’t think so. Find a key Sunni. The morning he makes us a promise, it will assure us of his death that afternoon.Want to settle the Palestine-Israel question? Find a Palestinian with authority who can assure you that, whatever he promises, rockets won’t be fired into Israel that following night. Or better, find a Muslim, anywhere in the world, who doesn’t want Israel, or at least the Jews in it, exterminated. “Diplomacy that!” Mike MasonCedaredge

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