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Powder Pandas to the superpipe

It was a carnival of a different sort at Buttermilk last weekend.

With the X Games having finished and the hoopla surrounding it gone, the local learning mountain played host to an equally rowdy group of kids ” and in this case, we mean real kids.

Powder Pandas kicked off its local “Six Saturdays” program, with hordes of tiny skiers and their parents descending on the Panda House in droves.

With this being my daughter’s second year in the program, I knew the drill. Still, it’s a bit unnerving to leave your child ” skis in hand and helmet on head ” with a complete stranger for a day on the slopes. Will she fall off the lift? Will she crash in the trees? Will she like her lunch? Will she cry?

Worries be gone. With “Goose” as her instructor and five friends in her posse, Hannah once again had a blast. In fact, she tells me while doing some type of jumping/twisting maneuver in our living room later that day, “See, I can do a jump like the X Games, like they do in the pipe cleaner.”

“The pipe cleaner?” I ask.

“Yeah, you know, the big tube,” she replies incredulously.

“Oh, the superpipe … of course,” I say.

Another X Gamer is born, I guess.

Up to six inches fell on local slopes last night, so grab your skis and go. Snowmass is reporting six inches, while Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk are all reporting four new inches of the fresh stuff.

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