Posterfest 22 will auction off pieces of Isis Theatre history

To help raise funds for Aspen Film, 30-years worth of original movie posters from films shown at the Isis Theatre will be auctioned.

One of the Artist Embellished Posters created by Jody Guralnick.
Courtesy of Aspen Film

When Dede Brinkman traveled to Grand Junction to interview Dominic Linza, former owner of Isis Theatre, she couldn’t get the posters Linza had shown her out of her mind.

“I kept thinking about those posters. I got a hold of Filmfest Director Susan Wrubel, and I said, ‘We’ve got to be able to do something with these posters as a fundraising event,'” Brinkman said

The Linza family then donated nearly 30 years of original movie posters from films shown at the Isis Theatre to Aspen Film. The donation is intended to help raise funds for Aspen Film.

“This is what got the whole thing rolling. I have over 850 posters here,” Brinkman said. “Some are in good shape. Some are quite remarkable.”

She has been involved with Filmfest almost since the conception. She was one of the original volunteers when Filmfest was getting started, she said. She has also been on the board for a number of years.

“I like to bring attention to Filmfest. It’s a local festival and was always designed to serve the locals,” she said.

George Sells, previous owner of Omnibus Gallery, also donated posters to the fundraiser. He had collectible posters from many of Bob Rafelson’s films.

“I have a small army I’ve enlisted this weekend to get this thing finished. I have Kathy Honea and Dana Hibie from Art Base, Gabrielle Rafelson and a few more,” Brinkman said.

Gabrielle Rafelson, wife of the late Bob Rafelson, is helping her curate the posters for the fundraiser. According to Brinkman, it was Gabrielle’s idea to have local artists paint on the posters.

“I’ve given about a dozen local artists posters, and they are painting on them. They are actually quite stunning,” she said.

According to Aspen Filmfest Operations and Production Manager Erin McVoy, the local featured artists include Judy Haas, Paul Pascarella, Jody Guralnick, Theresa Booth Brown, Karl Wolfgang and Richard Carter.

There are three categories of posters: Isis memorabilia; rare original and autographed; and artist-embellished. The Isis memorabilia posters will be displayed in the Bar Lobby of Wheeler Opera House starting Sept. 27 and continuing through the end of Filmfest. These posters can be purchased in person with cash, check or credit card.

Rare original and autographed posters as well as artist-embellished posters will also be displayed in the Bar Lobby of Wheeler Opera House; however, these are only available for purchase through silent auction on the Filmfest website: Signed posters include signatures from William H. Macy, Jill St. John and Robert Wagner.