Post Independent delivery service disappoints |

Post Independent delivery service disappoints

Dear Editor:

I have been a loyal subscriber to the Glenwood Post, aka “Post Independent,” for well over 20 years.

I have paid monthly for delivery and faithfully tip my delivery person. I even pay monthly instead of yearly so that my delivery person gets tipped more often! Yesterday I opened my morning P.I. and along with the advertising inserts is a “flyer” from the Post Independent “informing” customers that home delivery will no longer be available!

Referred to as the “Perfect Storm” that newspapers across the country are facing, we were “informed” that our delivery, of the Post, was not in the paper’s best financial interest. The “flier” was signed by the publisher. At first I checked the calendar. It must be an April Fools joke! Nope, it was still April 29, 2010. I left a message on the publisher’s voice-mail and later in the day received her very polite reply. She asked me what my concern was. I let her know that there were quite a few actually.

To begin with, aside from the shocking news, I was totally disappointed that subscribers were not notified with the respect of an addressed letter. I was disappointed that the problem was not communicated months ago with some opportunity to problem-solve. I was somewhat suspect of the fact that being a “newspaper,” the Post did not feel this was a newsworthy item to be shared with the community. I was informed that delivery was only 5 percent of circulation, at an annual cost of $45,000 to the paper. I’m a bit suspect of the circulation numbers as papers can drop 15 papers at one locale and include that in their numbers.

For this reason I believe local delivery is a much higher percentage. But even giving the Post the benefit of the doubt and delivery does represent a $45,000-a-year cost, that still breaks down to about $123 a day. So that’s where it seems we are. I encourage every person that reads the Post, as well as every business that advertises with them, to contact the publisher and demand local delivery of the paper!

Ed Rosenberg

Glenwood Springs