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Positive reinforcement for Aspen

Dear Editor:

I don’t get it!

I have read, listened, observed and lived, what the recession the country is in and the effect it’s had on our valley. It’s been challenging for us all and we’ve all had to painfully sacrifice our lifestyles to adjust to the global, national, state and local financial issues.

Last Friday, March 4, to be exact, I picked up the daily issue of the Wall Street Journal, which I rarely do, while at the airport.

To my surprise, on the front page of the Friday Journal section D, was a beautiful colorful home in a winter setting with the headline attached, “The Most Expensive Town in America.”

Of course I read on wondering if Aspen was on the list and to my surprise what I read was a positive, full, two-page article on Aspen, Colorado! Yes, two full pages in a worldwide-read newspaper that spoke of all the positive aspects of Aspen. It made mention to the great restaurants, shopping, people, sports, activities, celebrities, and of course the wealthy that are still buying homes here. Most from other countries!

It was No. 1 by the way!

This is a good thing, people!

I came home excited to share the cheer with all. It did brighten some attitudes that have been beaten down pretty badly with all the bad news and setbacks during the last few years. Wow, we thought there is hope!

The free global attention Aspen and the valley have been getting is fantastic! X Games was huge. Say what you want but these extreme young adults that stay in the cheapest hotels with 10 other friends will be back!

The article in the Wall Street Journal will perk interest in the wealthy that want to be here!

The article said Aspen is in an “Orbit of its own” … how cool!

This, my friends, is the kind of financial rescue we need! People wanting to move here, spend here and create a need for jobs here!

It’s now Monday and I still haven’t read one bit on this remarkable article … why?

Are we all astronauts stuck in a spaceship that cannot see what the others see of our ship in a wonderful orbit of its own? Are we astronauts in a space bubble of troubles while the world sees differently?

Well, the article made me feel much better as did the huge success of X games …

“Orbit of its own” – kind of like it!

John DeWind

Basalt, Colorado


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