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Popular lecture on women and hormones returns to the Given

Jennifer Davoren
Aspen Times Staff Writer

A lecture that proved popular among local women will return to the Given Institute this week for a second presentation.

Biochemist Dr. Phyllis Bronson and local physician Dr. Kenton Bruice will present “Women and Hormones: A Seminar on Women’s Bodies and Brains” at 5:30 p.m. today at the Given Institute.

Bronson and Bruice chose to repeat the presentation, which is free to the public, when their last lecture drew a standing-room-only crowd of area women armed with tough questions.

The talk will also give Bronson and Bruice the chance to highlight the work they’ve accomplished locally.

“They’re always bringing in [outside] speakers,” Bronson said. “We wanted to make a statement about some of the great work going on here.”

One of Bronson’s current projects, done in conjunction with Bruice’s office, includes a four-year study on women’s mood biochemistry. The study includes a look at “hormones as they go into fluctuation and affect women’s brain chemistry all month long,” Bronson said.

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Though premenstrual syndrome might be a prevalent worry for some, it’s not Bronson’s only concern. Preliminary findings from that study will be touched on during her portion of today’s program.

“Women and Hormones” will include a look at hormones and their effect on mood and emotion, as well as studies on hormone replacement therapy. Synthetic hormones such as Prempro, which have come under fire in recent months due to their links to certain forms of cancer, have become a hot topic in the medical community.

A major theme of the presentation, Bronson said, will be one that many local women expressed interest in during the doctors’ last presentation: how much harder it is for women to age than men.

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