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‘Poor us’ no excuse

Dear Editor:I read the sports article which chronicled the “battering” the Skiers endured at the hands of the Gunnison Cowboys in last weekend’s district tourney in Palisade (Aspen Times, Feb. 27) and felt compelled to throw in my two cents worth.Obviously (at least according to Coach Ketchum and some of the players) poor officiating added to the mayhem. This brings me to my point.Every time I read a sports story that dwells on the negative and doesn’t relate any concrete facts as to what happens in a game, I want to just wretch! Don’t make up flimsy excuses for failure, don’t point fingers at bad referees or nasty opponents who don’t play fair. Suck it up, keep your mouth shut and move on.Coach Ketchum should be the first to understand this concept as he was the referee in the game between the Grand Junction Central freshmen and the Aspen freshmen a few weeks ago, in which an all out brawl broke out. That incident was the direct result of Coach Ketchum and his referee partner not controlling the game and allowing the play to become so rough that players and fans alike lost control.In addition, when reporters write stories about high school players, those stories should reflect what happened in the game from an objective viewpoint and should never criticize players, coaches or officials. The fact is, these are high school kids, amateurs in the truest sense of the word, trying to learn all of the great lessons that only competitive high school athletics can teach. Aspen High School has some very good players, who do good things on the floor. Don’t reduce their effort to a whining diatribe about how they lost because the officiating was bad and the opponent was rough. Teams lose games for two reasons: 1) the other team was better or, 2) preparation was inadequate.The Aspen Skiers need to hold their heads up and act like athletes and not crawl into the “poor us” excuse gutter, and The Aspen Times needs to actually report on the game in a way that enhances and promotes all that is good about high school athletics.Phil HemannParachute

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