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Poor sports in the GOP

Dear Editor:

I found your interviews with Blanca O’Leary and Frieda Wallison really enlightening (“Local voters pick winners in 80 percent of major races,” Thursday, The Aspen Times).

One was gracious and the other most decidedly not. Democrat O’Leary praised Wallison for her hard work and accomplishments on behalf of the Republican Party and expressed the hope that both parties can come together and work for the good of our country. Wallison doesn’t believe cooperation is possible and believes everything wrong in this country is Obama’s fault!

Sadly, this is the attitude of the Republican members of Congress who put party before country. However, I do believe that unlike Wallison, there are still Republicans of good conscience in this country who will come together and work with the president of the United States for the sake of the nation.

Wallison once again brought up the egging of the Republican headquarters. Democrats are in complete agreement that such juvenile behavior is not an appropriate way for a person to voice their political opinion. However, I am sure the Democrats in Denver would have preferred to have been egged rather than having their windows shot out, endangering the lives of the workers inside. I am sure Democrats would rather have had their Aspen headquarters egged than see a sign on the highway telling passers-by to kill their candidate.

Let’s all agree that all these incidents are deplorable, but let’s differentiate between stupidity and hatred. And let’s concede that egging is the former.

Patricia Crawford