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Poor response in Carbondale

Fred Wall believes the situation at CES is a result of individuals going public with their complaints in the newspaper.

In the Feb. 12 Valley Journal, Wall was quoted saying, “I don’t know how anyone can seek to solve a problem without talking directly with someone who can address the problem.” In fact, Wall and Haptonstall were sent a letter dated Sept. 3 and signed by 26 CES teachers asking for improved communication and increased staff input in the future of the school.

Teachers and parents continued to contact the district office through January about their concerns. They either did not respond or claimed that everything was fine at CES. If Fred and Judy had responded to early concerns raised by parents and teachers, the current situation could have been completely avoided.

When parents’ complaints hit the newspaper recently, Fred finally started responding to the situation in a very defensive and inadequate way. I am disappointed and outraged that it takes letters to the editor to get the superintendent’s attention. This is a sign that there are serious problems with this administration and it is time to address them.

Maureen Rothman