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Poor judgment and desperation

Dear Editor:

Huckabee’s dismissive half-apology makes him an empty soul in a party of cheap jokes and synthetic suits puffed up by Bush’s hollow claims and promises.

More troubling than Huckabee’s “aim a gun” poor joke was his dismissive half apology and continued tough talk ” and that speaks to the quality of the man and his party. Coming after a paragraph of explanation, even the half-apology is only tacked onto the end ” more form than substance. Furthermore, Huckabee leaves dangling the question of whether he should apologize anyway, given that he didn’t mean to offend. His apology is more an excuse, and we are left to ask: What does he mean when he says he didn’t mean to offend? Is this aiming of a gun the “tough love” the ‘Pubs like to talk about? Or is it more Freudian than that?

This is not the first time that Huckabee has waved the muzzle about dangerously. Last year, Huckabee’s hunting party in Iowa shot at pheasants that were 75 yards away and flying over campaign reporters heads. When asked for a metaphor about his hunting success he replied, “Don’t get in my way. This is what happens.”

Huckabee is like most Republicans that can’t admit wrongdoing ” even when it’s flagrant. After all, real men don’t talk, or apologize. Of course, the real story here is that the GOP is trying its utmost to spray, pray and hope something sticks. Poor judgment and morality is born of desperate men.

Doug Mytty


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