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Poor get poorer under W.

Dear Editor:Touring the Houston Astrodome with her husband, Barbara Bush declared it a success for evacuees “who were underprivileged anyway,” saying that they were faring better than before the storm (Sept. 6 New York Times).Does she ask herself why? She may be partly correct, although they may not all agree with her, having lost all of their worldly goods along with friends, family members and community.During her son’s administration, poverty is increasing. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the poverty rate rose again last year with 1.1 million more Americans living in poverty. The United States ranks 43rd in the world in infant mortality (in Washington 11.5 per 1,000 live births compared to 4.6 in Beijing).Nationally 29 percent of children had no health insurance last year; many got no check-ups or vaccinations. The Bush administration has redistributed wealth from the most vulnerable to the most affluent Americans. In the meantime, Mr. Bush has promised huge new amounts of money for reconstruction, in addition to the already huge amount being spent in waging war abroad – all this and cutting taxes paid by the wealthiest Americans, as well. Does anyone remember the billions promised to Africa a few years ago to fight AIDS, not a penny of which has reached that continent? It certainly is difficult to believe anything this Bush and his people tells us. Jane and Richard Veit Carbondale

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