Poor excuse for justice

Dear Editor:In response to “Aspen felon won’t face stiffer sentence as habitual offender” – What the #!*%?Is the justice system in this country dead or just have its head up its #*&! A criminal these days is no longer punished in a way to make people think twice about committing a crime. You can rob, cheat, kill and lie your way to high heaven in this country and you know what you will get? A lesser sentence than what you used to get. A free room with TV, Internet, library and fitness room privileges. You get free health care, can get a college education, write a novel, play tic-tac-toe, and just about anything else you want, all at the victims’ and taxpayers’ expense!This degenerate, Mr. Vickery, is useless. What is he offering anyone in the country, besides booze to underage kids? What is any criminal offering anyone by sitting in a jail cell? I wish this country would punish these people. A life sentence behind bars? Yeah, that is a real bad punishment if you are claustrophobic. How about you throw someone into a fire pit next time they decide to murder someone. Actually make it so the next generations of kids think before raping someone at a party? Make them fear being caught, make them fear the consequences. Make it known that if you commit a crime, your punishment will be worse than you can ever imagine. And anyone against cruel and unusual punishment, you are the reason these criminals started manipulating the system in the first place. Letting murderers have rights instead of punishments. Why would a murderer have a right to live? Please give me a reasonable answer. Or maybe we can keep going the way we currently are, where we let repeat offenders, movie star losers and good-for-nothing idiots milk the tit of American people. Glad to see the American dream and justice system still being defecated on. Chris EverdingBasalt


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