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Poor assumptions

Dear Editor:How dare any person of the Aspen community unjustly blaspheme a good person who they don’t even know? In my 13 years of living in Aspen as an involved member of our community, I have seen a lot of poor and distasteful character bashing, but this is over the top. I write in response to Robin Goldberg’s letter about Brent Phillips (April 6). You tear apart this man with your cunning, destructive and hateful words and you should be truly ashamed of yourself and ask forgiveness.For your edification, Ms. Goldberg, in our country a man is still innocent until proven guilty. I am convinced that you do not even know Brent – if you did your letter would have been to his defense. Simply because you read an article about a situation with an undetermined outcome, it does not give you the authority or right to so poorly judge another human being as if you know the verdict. I believe Brent is innocent of this outlandish accusation and lawsuit by Mr. Dreman and his “billion-dollar company,” I never understand why the rich are automatically given the benefit of the doubt.I do not know Mr. Dreman, and I make no judgment about him other than he has the wrong information. Brent Phillips is a brilliant computer engineer but most important he is the most honest man I have ever met who truly lives by his moral beliefs and convictions. He is a great friend of my wife and me and as a character witness for him, I assure you that he is not a hacker, “con artist,” or any other term that could be used to falsify his honest nature.As far as his ministry at Crossroads Church, I believe all who hear him preach are blessed, and I invite you to see for yourself. Brent is a man who understands God and does his best to live his life for his Lord and Savior Jesus. We stand beside him in ministry, we know his heart and we believe in him. Please do not articulate such detrimental and poor judgment upon a good man like Brent, he does not deserve your persecution nor does anyone. He is in an unfortunate predicament where he has to defend his honesty and integrity as a small company against a billion-dollar company with unlimited resources running with the wrong information, it could cost Brent all he has just to exonerate himself.Some day I hope you could realize that Brent and his wife are here to make a positive difference in Aspen; they have made a huge impact upon my wife and me and many of our friends. He is not here to swindle anyone out of anything and it is very low to condemn him as such. I ask members of our community who know Brent to speak out on his behalf. Let’s stop bashing one another and learn to love our neighbor as ourselves … that is what community is all about.James Huntington BelmontAspen

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