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Pondering energy addiction

Dear Editor:Well, a lot has been written since my first letter about alternative energy on Oct. 26, 2005. Well, I even got an answer from the White House on that one. A lot of talk about e85 and biodiesel fuels.It’s great to see two major players in the valley using alternative fuels. Hats off to the Aspen Skiing Co. and Roaring Fork Transit. They have been using these fuels for a while, keeping part of our hard-earned money in America. For these two major players to take these steps is a step forward in our energy battle. I am sure they have had their problems running these fuels, but they have forged on and are making them work. Now that’s the American spirit. I am not sure of anybody else yet in the valley. But the first two are on their way to helping America move away from total foreign oil addiction.As always, here are some thoughts to ponder about our energy addiction. There has been technology around since World War II to create fuel from coal. If there was a silver lining to that war, this may be it. The Germans ran their war machine on these fuels. Airplanes, tanks, cars and motorcycles. All performing to a high standard. Now we have a governor from Montana who has picked up the crusade to develop fuel from coal. As always, a foreign country is moving forward with this technology. The government of China and Shell Oil Corp. are moving forward with redevelopment of this technology. Gov. Brian Schweitzer said nobody wants to be the first to develop in the U.S.; they always want to be the second.Since when did we become followers, not leaders? Here is the technology to become less dependent on foreign oil right in our own backyard and we don’t want to be the first. We could produce our own base fuel, mix with the many different biomass ingredients and really become independent of foreign oil. Create jobs, revenue and a better environment for our children. But nobody wants to be the first. What happen to America being the leader in industry, technology and progressive thinking? I guess the leaders in this country do not want us to be the first. But second place has never been good enough for me.And on that note, one last thought to ponder. “The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded” (C.L. De Montesquieu).Russ DeckerCarbondale

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