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Poll: Who should take over the Old Power House building

With a decision expected soon on the applicants vying to move into the soon-to-be-vacant Old Power House building, this week’s poll question asks readers which proposal should win.

Go to www.aspentimes.com, on the left side below the news carousel, to find this week’s question and the results of previous polls.

Last week’s poll question — “Do you think the city’s quest to become an uphilling destination is a worthwhile endeavor?” — brought in 1,015 votes.

The majority of votes were “no” votes. Nearly 59 percent, or 598, said “no” because Aspen offers so much already and doesn’t need uphilling for a boost. Another 150 votes, or nearly 15 percent, said “no” because people already think of Aspen as an uphilling destination, so this endeavor is a waste of time. About 23 percent of the votes, or 234, said “yes” because it will diversify the economy and help the Aspen brand. The remaining 33 votes, or roughly 3 percent, said “I don’t know.”

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