Poll: Was the holiday season in Aspen too successful this year?

With the busy holiday period behind us, this week’s Aspen Times poll question asks readers whether this holiday season in Aspen — given so much traffic both on the streets and on the hill — was too successful.

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Last week’s poll question — “Do you think airlines are trying to cram too many flights into Aspen?” — gathered 843 votes. The majority of votes — 505, or 59.91 percent — were “yes” votes citing Aspen’s small airport and weather challenges as more conducive to lighter flight schedules. Another 139 votes, or 16.49 percent, were “no” votes citing a need to bring in as many visitors as possible to boost business. Just more than 12 percent, or 104 “no” votes cited delays and cancellations as part of the air business and that Aspen can handle it. Nearly 5 percent of total votes — 39 votes — were “yes” votes citing Aspen’s existing success and profitability as a reason the airport doesn’t need more flights. And the remaining 56 votes, or 6.64 percent, didn’t know or didn’t care about the issue.