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Poll: Should Aspen pace construction?

With Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron expressing frustration last week about the livability of Aspen during construction booms, this week’s poll question asks readers if construction should be paced.

Go to http://www.aspentimes.com, on the left side below the news carousel, to find this week’s question and the results of previous polls.

Last week’s poll question — “Have you voted yet?” — attracted 1,138 votes. In the week leading up to Election Day, nearly 60 percent of respondents, or 682, said they mailed in their ballots already, while 363, or 31.90 percent, reported filling out their ballots but not mailing them yet. Only 61 voters, or 5.36 percent, are waiting until tomorrow’s Election Day to vote, and another 32 voters, or 2.81 percent, still had more research to do on the candidates and issues before finalizing their ballots.

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