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Poll: Should Aspen focus on becoming an uphilling destination?

With the mayor of Aspen and the city focused on making Aspen a well-known uphilling destination, this week’s poll question asks if you think the city’s quest to become an uphilling destination is a worthwhile endeavor.

Go to http://www.aspentimes.com, on the left side below the news carousel, to find this week’s question and the results of previous polls.

Last week’s poll question — “What do you think of news that officer Adam Loudon accounts for one-third of all Aspen police intermediate-weapons use in recent years?” – brought in 1,371 votes. An overwhelming majority of votes — 953, or about 70 percent, say the data prove there’s a concerning pattern in Loudon’s use of force. Another 206 votes, or 15 percent, say there’s not enough context in the data, such as total department arrests, to make a decision. Another 153 votes, or 11 percent, say it proves Loudon is a valuable member of the force. The remaining 59 votes, or just more than 4 percent, were “I don’t know” votes.

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