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Poll: More officials to blame in parking scam?

With Aspen’s parking scam continuing to make headlines, this week’s online poll question asks readers if more city officials should take heat for the city’s lost parking revenue.

Go to http://www.aspentimes.com, on the left side below the news carousel, to find this week’s question and the results of previous ones.

Last week’s question — “Are the schedule changes at Aspen High School concerning?” — attracted 834 votes. The most votes were in support of the schedule changes, with 357 votes, or 43 percent, saying the change wasn’t concerning because students need to improve math skills. Another 132 votes, or 16 percent, weren’t concerned and agreed the parents and students are making a big deal out of nothing. Of the concerned votes, 320 votes, or 38 percent, said students need more time for studying and extracurriculars, while the remaining 25 votes, or 3 percent, cited too much emphasis on math this year.

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